Beatmaker, composer and musicians working under the same banner

Never judge - The Roots Claimers & Ellyksir Produced by Sébastien Bonfanti.

In This World - BrightyG Official clip produced by Ladlaprod.

Royal Await - BrightyG feat Jah Mason Special thanks to Fyah Mason !

Freedom In The East acoustic - The Western Call Freedom In The East at home, in acoustic version

Sylem - Des temps Sylem in the Tattooin studio on TattooinBeat Production.

Lost On Tatooine Feel the TattooinBeat atmosphere


Founded by the love of music in 2011 in the squat La jarry in Vincennes, TattooinBeat studio begin at first by a story of friendship. It was build by its members to guaranty a place for composition, creativity, trainings and artistics meetings.

Thanks to

@supm4n, Maxime Fever, Brain Commotion, Ladlaprod, Stone.